Skin Care

A Guy’s Guide to Applying Body Lotion


Did you realize that there is a way to boost the effects of men’s body lotion? Simply slathering it on will work, but to really enjoy the benefits of deep moisturizing, follow these techniques.

To apply men’s body lotion effectively,  take a lukewarm shower, and towel dry lightly without rubbing abrasively. While the skin is still slightly damp, rub on dime-sized dollops of a high-quality body lotion like MenScience Advanced Body Lotion. Gently massage into the skin to stimulate circulation and blood flow.

Some things to avoid:

* Don’t take a bath in it! Less is more when it comes to high-quality lightweight lotion. Start with small amounts and evenly distribute it around the body. Reapply throughout the day as needed. Knees and elbows tend to dry out faster — especially in winter– so reapply as needed to keep them from flaking and becoming dried out.

* Avoid body moisturizers with fragrance; this can affect the skin by increasing the potential for allergies, dehydration and other reactions.

* Stay away from lotions with lots of oils, because it leaves a film on the body that can cause acne breakouts.

* Don’t forget the sunblock! A general everyday moisturizer doesn’t have sunblock, so you’ll need to add that if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time. Be sure to wait for moisturizer to absorb (usually less than a minute) before applying a sunscreen on your body so that you are protected.

* Don’t miss the feet! By applying lotion to the feet regularly, cracks and dry skin can be prevented. And by staying on top of skin care for the feet now, you’ll be beach ready by summer!