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Best Chapped Lips Remedies for Men


Few things are more annoying than cracked lips. Also referred to as chapped lips, cracked lips can become red, swollen and painful if you don’t take the proper precautions. Use these chapped lips remedies to heal cracked lips and restore moisture to this sensitive area.

How to Heal Chapped Lips on Men

1. Use a lip balm for men. To prevent and heal cracked lips, invest in a men’s lip balm that both heals irritation and provides optimal sun protection. Advanced Lip Protection is a premium men’s lip balm that offers SPF 30 protection against the sun’s rays and reduces your risk of chapped lips. It provides an effective barrier against even the most extreme weather conditions, so you can rest assured knowing you’re using the best lip balm for men.

2. Don’t lick or bite your lips. Licking your lips in hopes of alleviating irritation is counterproductive. The enzymes found in your saliva actually sap moisture from your lips, making your chapped lips even drier. No matter how tempting it may be to lick or bite your lips, don’t do it – you’re just delaying their recovery.

3. Avoid acidic drinks. Acidic drinks like orange juice can burn your already sensitive lips and delay healing. Give your chapped lips time to heal by sticking to less acidic beverages or plain ol’ water. Staying hydrated can also help stave off dry skin, so drink up.

4. Try out a humidifier. Using a humidifier in your home can help maintain your skin’s moisture levels. In turn, this keeps dry skin – and dry lips – at bay. Dry air is one of the many causes of chapped lips, so anything you do to keep your environment moist will benefit your lips. 

5. Don’t smoke. Aside from causing a number of diseases, smoking robs your lips of moisture. While you’d see the biggest benefits from quitting altogether, cutting down your consumption by even a few cigarettes can have a drastic effect on the health of your lips.