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Late-Night Snacks to Munch On


Hunger can strike at any time – even in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, late-night snacking can add inches to your waist if you’re not careful. It’s not like you’re going to hit the gym after eating a bowl of ice cream while wearing pajamas. Use this handy list of the best healthy late-night snacks for men to help control your cravings and avoid packing on the pounds.

1. Whey Protein Powder: When hunger strikes at night, this should always be your go-to late-night snack. Because it’s high in protein and low in calories, a men’s whey protein powder with leucine and other branched-chain amino acids fills you up without filling you out. Consuming protein before bed can also help maximize recovery while you sleep – your body will get a sustained release of muscle-building protein throughout the night. MenScience Whey Formula Advanced Protein Complex features three types of high-quality protein for optimal results.

2. Dark Chocolate: A small piece of dark chocolate can help manage your sweet tooth and provide important antioxidants that can improve your skin’s appearance. Don’t eat more than a piece, though – eating a whole bar of chocolate won’t do your diet any good. To further boost your antioxidant intake, consider taking amen’s antioxidant supplement.

3. Yogurt: Whether you eat the regular stuff or prefer the Greek variety, yogurt is one of the best late-snacks for men. Not only does it contain protein, but yogurt also has probiotics (aka good bacteria) that may aid digestion. You can add even more protein by mixing in some men’s whey protein powder. The extra protein kick can help support muscle growth and fat loss.

4. Peanut Butter: A serving of peanut butter contains a good helping of protein and conjugated linoleic acid that can help build muscle and manage hunger; CLA is a healthy fat that has been linked to lean muscle growth when part of a balanced diet and fitness plan. The one downside to peanut butter is that it’s high in calories due to its fat content, so limit yourself to no more than a tablespoon. If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, you can also get the benefits of CLA by taking a men’s CLA supplement.

5. Popcorn: Popcorn can be a healthy late-night snack if you limit toppings and stick to the air-popped kind. Butter can add hundreds of calories and ruin an otherwise healthy late-night snack. There are also small microwavable bags available that are portion-controlled and top off at about 100 calories.