Skin Care

6 Body Skincare Tips for Men


When we guys think of skin care, we tend to focus on our face. After all, our face is usually the first thing people notice. But many of the skin problems that affect our face – acne, age spots, flakiness, etc. – can also affect our body. While this may not be much of an issue during the cold winter months, it’s a bigger problem during beach season when shirts start coming off. For overall great-looking skin, use these men’s body skincare tips:

1.  Use a men’s body wash. MenScience Daily Body Wash contains urea, tea tree extract and other skin-conditioning ingredients that also gently cleanse skin of dirt and debris. This men’s body wash also features salicylic acid, which can help prevent and manage acne breakouts and clogged pores on your body. Regular use of Daily Body Wash may help revitalize your skin and restore its natural softness. “Easy Skincare Tips for Men” offers more suggestions for keeping your skin healthy-looking.

2. Combat dry skin with a men’s body moisturizer. Although you’re more likely to have dry skin on your face, there are some areas on your body that can succumb to flakiness, itchiness and redness. Your elbows and knees are particularly susceptible to the signs of dry skin. Regular use of MenScience Advanced Body Lotion can help reduce your risk of dry skin and other skin problems such as wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid and other advanced ingredients soothe your skin and help maintain moisture levels, keeping your skin hydrated all day long. To get more out of your moisturizer, check out “Men’s Body  Moisturizer Tips.”

3. When shaving body hair, use a shaving formula with glycerin and aloe. MenScience Advanced Shave Formula is specifically designed to minimize ingrown hairs, razor burn and other shaving-related skin issues. This is especially important if you’re trying to shave hair off more intimate areas. Just make sure to follow up with MenScience Post-Shave Repair, which can help condition skin and further protect it from shaving irritation. “Tips for the Perfect Shave” has more advice on getting a close, irritation-free shave.

4. Use alcohol-free hair products. A lot of mass-market shampoos contain alcohol, which may damage hair as well as dry out your scalp. MenScience Daily Shampoo  is alcohol-free and infuses your hair and scalp with vitamins that can increase luster and prevent dandruff. Make sure your styling products are also alcohol-free. Both MenScience Hair Styling Gel and MenScience Hair Styling Pomade provide lasting hold without the use of irritants that can harm hair follicles. “Keep Your Hair Healthy-Looking” has more tips on taking care of your hair.

5. Take nutritional supplements to complement your diet. Chances are you aren’t getting all the nutrients you need for healthy skin from the average American diet. This is where nutritional supplements can help. MenScience Advanced Antioxidants, MenScience Omega 3 Supplement Formula and MenScience Daily Men’s Multivitamin provide the ideal amounts of vitamins, antioxidants and omega 3s that your skin needs to look its best. “What to Eat for Healthy Skin” has more information on how diet affects your skin’s appearance.

6. Put some muscle under that skin. Growing muscle can help reduce the appearance of some men’s skin problems such as stretch marks and loose skin. To maximize muscle growth, check out the MenScience Scientific Nutrition Program, which features creatine, whey protein and other supplements that can help you get a lean, muscular physique.