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How to Get Rid of Calluses


Your hands and feet don’t get enough attention when it comes to men’s skin care. We guys tend to focus on the bigger picture, namely our face and torso. Because of this neglect, dry skin and calluses are a common sight on our hands and feet. To help you get rid of calluses, we’ve come up with this helpful list that will banish cracked skin once and for all. Use these top tips today to get rid of calluses on men’s skin:

1. Hydrate your skin. This is the most effective solution for preventing and getting rid of calluses. By hydrating your skin with a men’s moisturizer like MenScience Advanced Body Lotion, you’ll infuse your hands and feet with advanced ingredients to keep dry skin and calluses at bay. Regular moisturizing doesn’t only keep calluses away – it can also help ward off aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Wear shoes and socks that fit. One of most common causes of men’s calluses is ill-fitting clothing. If you wear shoes that are too tight, the excess friction can damage the skin on your feet, leading to irritation and calluses. Always wear the appropriate footwear; don’t make dumb mistakes like wearing dress shoes to the gym. The same holds true for your hands – if you wear gloves, make sure they aren’t three times too small. Comfort is key.

3. Stay covered. The elements can do a number on your skin if you aren’t using adequate protection. If it’s sunny outside, do your skin a favor and wear a men’s SPF 30 sunblock. If it’s cold, wear proper-fitting gloves and footwear to keep yourself warm (see #2). Because weather is out of your control, you need to do your best to stay protected.

4. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week. Exfoliation helps remove buildup and dead skin cells that can contribute to callus formation. By exfoliating with a men’s body scrubseveral times a week, you’ll keep your skin clear and callous-free. Exfoliation can also help with acne breakouts and other common skin problems.

5. Use a pumice stone. A pumice stone can help scrape away calluses. First, soak your feet/hands in warm water for 5-10 minutes. This helps soften the skin. Then gently scrape off the cracked top layer of skin – do not scrape off the underlying layers. You can repeat this process daily until the callus is completely gone.

6. See a dermatologist/podiatrist. If you follow the above steps but calluses keep popping up, you may need to seek professional help. A podiatrist or dermatologist can help determine the cause of your constant calluses and develop a plan to get rid of them. When in doubt, always consult your physician.