How to Recover From Workouts Faster

After a grueling workout, your muscles are hungry for nutrients and some rest. With the right post-workout plan, you can speed up your recovery and get back into the gym sooner. By maximizing your recovery efforts, you’ll see faster results, feel less muscle soreness and improve your overall energy reserves. Here’s what you need to do to take your recovery to the next level:

1. Finish your workout with a cooldown period. We know that that certain men’s nutritional products like a men’s creatine supplement or a pre-workout supplement can make you feel like a beast during a workout, but you don’t want to overexert yourself. Adding a period of low-intensity exercise to the end of your workout can help reduce muscle soreness and prevent overtraining, thus speeding up workout recovery . Some experts recommend frontloading your workout, where you do the most difficult exercises first and end with the easier ones.

2. Take a men’s post-workout supplement. Because your body uses carbs and other nutrients for energy, these reserves are depleted at the end of your workout. To help you restore energy levels, you need a supplement that can provide you with all the fuel you need: MenScience Post-Workout Accelerated Recovery Formula. This scientifically designed supplement for men contains the ideal ratio of protein, carbs and electrolytes to speed up workout recovery processes. “What is a Post-Workout Supplement?” explains the benefits of this powerful supplement in greater detail.

3. Get enough sleep. Your body does most of its recovering while you sleep. Work, family and other obligations have a habit of cutting into this precious recovery period, resulting in sore muscles, fatigue and other problems that might affect your motivation to exercise. Always strive for the recommended eight hours of sleep. You can get by with 6-7 hours, but anything less and you’ll probably feel the negative effects the morning after.

4. Stop stressing. Too much stress can significantly increase your levels of cortisol, a hormone that has been linked to fatigue, increased abdominal fat and reduced concentration – all of which can affect your recovery efforts. Yoga, meditation and other stress-reduction techniques can help you get your anxiety under control and improve your overall health – not to mention help you recover from workouts faster. Check out “How to Reduce Stress” for some stress-management help.

5. Consume protein before bed. Although post-workout nutrition is important, your overall nutrition is even more important – and that includes what you have right before going to sleep. Drinking a men’s protein shake before bed gives your body fuel to use as it repairs your muscles throughout the night. Otherwise, your body will burn muscle throughout the night and set back your results. “The Benefits of Protein for Men” lists more reasons you should consume a men’s whey protein shake.

6. Take a day off. If you’ve worked out several days in a row and feel tired, take a full day off to recharge your energy and give your muscles time to repair and rebuild. Overtraining can diminish games so give your body a break every few days.

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