How to Pick the Best Post-Workout Shake


Hitting the gym hard can be difficult for your muscles to adapt to. Sometimes, rest is not enough. If your body is slow to recover between workouts, it means you can’t train as much or with as much energy. This is where a post-workout shake can make a huge difference.

It can be hard determining which after workout shake is best for you. There are numerous things to consider, and taste is such a subjective thing that it won’t be included in this list. When you look at the various choices on the shelf, you see all these ingredients like protein, creatine, nitric oxide, glutamine, glutathione and various amino acids. So which is best?

The Two Most Important Ingredients

You want a post-workout shake that contains a nice ratio of protein to carbs. Both nutrients are essential to speeding up your recovery after a workout. MenScience Post-Workout Accelerated Recovery Formula contains these nutrients and other recovery ingredients to refuel your body when it needs it the most: immediately after your workout.

Should I Use a Recovery Formula with Creatine in It?

This is a fairly standard question, and it’s important to know what exactly creatine does in the body. Creatine is an energy based compound that is found mainly in the muscles and occurs naturally within our bodies, albeit in smaller amounts. Carnivores will produce and have more creatine available in their muscles. This particular substance is useful for anaerobic exercise such as weight-training and sprinting, but it’s not necessary. Nevertheless, Accelerated Recovery Formula contains a small amount for good measure.

What Other Ingredients Should I Look For?

One of the best ingredients for muscle recovery is glutamine. When stress or trauma affects the muscles, glutamine is taken from skeletal muscle stores to try to repair the hurt tissue. As the stores of glutamine are decreased, the body has a harder time healing damaged tissue. Anyone who works out very hard will benefit greatly from additional glutamine in their post-workout shake.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Be intelligent about any supplement you decide to add to your diet. Read the label and make sure it meets the above criteria. What you buy will need to be based on what kind of sport or workout you are doing to get those sore muscles. For an overall effective post-workout shake, look no further than Accelerated Recovery Formula; it’s been specially designed to help men of all trades recover fast so that they can get back in the gym sooner.