Skin Care

Get Rid of an Oily Forehead


If your forehead looks like an oil slick, you are not alone. The most common skin type is a combination of dry cheeks with an oily T-zone area, which includes your forehead, chin and nose. This is because oil glands are more heavily concentrated in this area, and they often become overactive — leading to the oil-slick look. Luckily, there are many solutions for an oily forehead. Try them today to restore the balance of your skin and prevent acne.

Stay Clean

Wash your face each morning and evening with a gentle formula cleanser and lukewarm water to remove excess oil from your forehead. Stay away from solutions that contain fragrances or dyes, and pat dry to avoid aggravating your skin.

Although it may be tempting to wash your face more often, doing so can actually make your oil problem worse. Sebum, the technical name for the skin’s oil, is there for a reason: it protects and lubricates your skin. When you wash your face multiple times a day, you strip it of the natural oils, and it ends up producing even more.

Change Your Diet

Oil production is caused by hormonal reactions that are affected by your lifestyle and diet. If you want to get rid of forehead oil, that means you also have to get rid of or cut back on processed foods. Instead, opt to eat more healthy fruits and vegetables, especially kiwifruits and lemons. Both are acne-fighting superfoods that are proven to contribute to more balanced, clearer skin.

Think of this change as cleansing your body from the inside out.

Dig Deeper

If your skin is extra oily, add a deep-cleaning tonic to your skin cleansing process. A tonic gets rid of any oil and dirt that your cleanser missed, and it also lowers the pH level of your skin. Use it a few times a week to banish oil and prevent blemishes.

Don’t Add Extra Oil

This one seems obvious, but many men add extra oil and dirt to their faces because they touch them without washing their hands first. Also, avoid products that contain oil and other comedogenic ingredients. All MenScience products are non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t clog your pores and cause acne.