Gym Etiquette for Men: 9 Rules


Going to gym is a daily ritual for many of us guys. It’s the place to let go of frustrations, burn fat, build muscle and a chance to start over if our diet goes off track. Unfortunately, we’re sometimes so pumped up for our workouts that we forget about common courtesy. Here are nine etiquette rules all men should live by when at the gym.

1. Clean up after yourself. Wipe your sweat off the equipment and put weights back where they belong. Extend this courtesy to the locker room. Whether you’re at the sink, urinal or toilet, leave them ready for the next person. Pick up your towels and return all gym toiletries unless they belong to you. A personal toiletries bag for men is ideal for keeping your toiletries together at the gym.

2. Sharing is caring. Cardiovascular equipment usually has time limits during peak hours so make sure to respect them; this gym etiquette rule is usually strictly enforced. Allow others to work-in with you and always ask before using equipment you think may be unoccupied. As for locker room etiquette, avoid being a space hog and keep your belongings in a small area.

3. Don’t linger at the water fountain. The water fountain is there to well, dispense water. It was never intended as a spittoon or chewing up depository. Don’t hog it, either: Mix your men’s pre-workout shake and men’s post-workout shake quickly and be on your way.

4. Hang up. Cell phone junkies can get loud and obnoxious fast. If you are expecting an important call, take it in private. Even gossip and sports scores can wait.

5. Pay attention. There are heavy objects, protruding objects, and people moving fast in the gym floor. Pay attention to your surroundings or you may be interrupting another person or walking into the path of a fast-moving object.

6. Avoid unsolicited advice. Refrain from imposing your training style or correcting others. Unsolicited advice is never welcome — let alone followed — and concerns about exercise should be directed to the gym staff.

7. Towels yes, razors no. When in the steam room or sauna, sit on a towel or other barrier and never shave or exfoliate while there. Leave the men’s shaving cream and men’s face scrub at home, where you can take your sweet time pampering yourself.

8. Forgo strong scents. Be aware that your favorite fragrance may be stifling to some and unwelcome in the locker room or exercise floor, so avoid any strong colognes or deodorants. Your best bet for odor control is a men’s unscented deodorant that contains microzeolites, which help defeat odor-causing bacteria. “Tips to Fight Body Odor” has more tips on managing B.O.

9. Behave yourself. Excessive cursing, chest beating and offensive clothing belong to the privacy of your home. The same applies for certain grooming rituals like toenail clipping, ear-wax removal, and nose-hair clipping; these should never be done at the gym, even in the locker room. Some things are better left behind your own closed doors.

Going to the gym should be an invigorating and stress-free event. Observing those nine etiquette rules will ensure everyone gets along and maximizes the enjoyment and productivity of their gym time.