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Is parabens exposure damaging for my skin?

Although parabens have been linked to estrogenic activity, the FDA has found that they actually display much less estrogenic activity than that which occurs naturally within the body (for both men and women). Parabens are utilized at such low levels in topical solutions and cosmetics (about 0.01 to 0.3%) that they do not pose a health threat to men’s systems. From a page from the FDA website: “In a review of the estrogenic activity of parabens, (Golden et al., in Critical Reviews in Toxicology, 2005) the author concluded that based on maximum daily exposure estimates, it was implausible that parabens could increase the risk associates with exposure to estrogenic chemicals.” All MenScience products are researched and tested for several years before being released to the public, and we are constantly monitoring new medical and research updates for any new developments about the ingredients we use.