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What are the differences between each acne product?

The Acne Spot Repair is to be used only on affected acne spots (ideally not all over the face). It contains a high concentration (10%) of benzoyl peroxide, which is an acne medicine. It is to be used when you actually have a pimple/breakout, it should eliminate in 24-48 hrs. The Acne Therapy Lotion is to be used all over the acne area (as opposed to Acne Spot). It also contains benzoyl peroxide, but with smaller concentration (3%). It contains other ingredients (allantoin, green tea, vitamins) to help soothe/condition the damaged/stressed skin. It is great to prevent and cure widespread acne. The Acne Pads are also to be used all over the acne area (1-3 times per day, depending on your skin). It contains a different acne medicine: salicylic acid in 2% concentration. It is more of a preventative and maintenance product for persons that tend to break out with lighter acne frequently. It is great to get rid of oily residues and deep-cleanse the pores.