Acne Skin Care

Cut Down on Chin Acne


One of the most annoying places to break out is your chin. Chin breakouts are unsightly and can do a number on your confidence. Fortunately, you have plenty of acne-fighting options available to you. Get rid of chin acne once and for all with these men’s acne tips.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Some people rub their chin while thinking. Others prop their tired heads up with a hand on the chin. Your job may involve holding a phone against your chin while you multitask. Regardless of which category you fall under, be aware of whether you are touching your chin unnecessarily.

Try to avoid touching your face other than when you’re washing it. If there is an object that must regularly touch your chin as part of your daily routine, be sure to clean it on a regular basis; oils and debris on your skin can clog pores and lead to chin breakouts.

Proper Facial Hygiene Routines

Be sure to wash your face in the morning as well as after exercising or perspiring. Use a men’s face wash to target chin breakouts and reduce their occurrence. Aside from these preventive measures, you should consider benzoyl peroxide acne products like a spot cream or lotion. A spot cream can help get rid of individual pimples while a lotion is ideal for acne clusters.

Long Hair Beware

If you have long hair that frequently comes into contact with your chin, you may want to consider pulling it back or cutting it short. This constant friction can irritate skin and aggravate existing breakouts. Also, be very aware of any shampoos and conditioners that you use on your hair — as well as any hair products –since some products contain oils that may clog up your pores.

Visit a Dermatologist

If the above tips do not seem to offer relief, schedule a skin evaluation with a dermatologist. A dermatologist can assist with issues such as skin infections, cysts, or scarring due to chin acne. He or she may even prescribe a prescription treatment to help with preventing and taming chin flare-ups. Whatever you do, don’t pick at your pimples. This can lead to permanent scarring.