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Best Men’s Skincare Tips for Dry Skin


Dry skin is no fun. The flakiness, itchiness and redness associated with dry skin are enough to drive anybody crazy. But all hope is not lost: We here at MenScience have put together this dry skin checklist to help you restore your skin’s moisture and put your best face – and body – forward. Here are the seven tips you need to finally say goodbye to dry skin.

1. Moisturize your face and body. Yes, this is obvious. But you’d be surprised how many men don’t moisturize – or don’t know how to. Using a men’s face lotionand men’s body lotion daily can help heal dry skin and make it softer than ever. If dry skin is a persistent problem for you or you live in a dry climate, you can even moisturize twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Don’t moisturize more than twice a day, though. Too much moisturizing can actually give your skin a greasy appearance.

2. Drink more water. Sometimes, your dry skin may be caused by a lack of hydration. If you’ve stuck to the “eight glasses a day” rule, you’re probably still not getting enough water. Recent research suggests we should be drinking closer to 12 glasses per day, especially if you’re an active male.

3. Take an omega-3 supplement. Healthy fats like omega-3 fish oil fatty acids can benefit you in a number of ways. Omega-3s have been linked to improved cardiovascular health, better moods and healthy-looking skin. Avoid mass-market omega-3 supplements that are full of filler and lack the ideal ratio of EPA, DHA and DPA fats your body needs for healthy skin. A pharmaceutical-grade omega-3 supplement for men like MenScience Omega 3 Supplement Formula is indispensable to maintaining a healthy skin and body.

4. Avoid using hot water in the shower. Avoid taking hot showers and washing things with hot water. Hot water can rob your skin of precious moisture and contribute to dry skin symptoms like flakiness and itchiness. Stick to lukewarm or cold water to reduce your risk of developing dry skin.

5. Use a moisturizing sunblock. Sun-related skin damage can result in dry skin, so a men’s moisturizing sunblock is a must. A men’s SPF 30 sunblock that offers both UVA and UVB protect helps reduce the risk of sunburn, dry skin and other sun-related skin issues. Because your lips can also succumb to sun damage, it’s important to use a men’s lip balm to prevent and heal dry, cracked lips.

6. Don’t overexfoliate. Exfoliation should be limited to 2-3 times a week. More than that and you risk making your skin even drier and more irritated. To maximize exfoliation benefits, you may want to consider an exfoliating face brush and exfoliating body gloves.

7. Ensure your skincare products don’t contain added fragrances and dyes. Fragrances and dyes found in mass-market skincare products can actually dry out your skin and cause allergic reactions that can ruin your skin. MenScience skincare products do not contain extra fragrances and dyes that can generate these skin problems. They only contain the necessary ingredients required to keep your skin looking healthy and young for years to come.