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The Truth About Workout Myths


We all want to make the most of our workouts, but unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there in the fitness world that could be limiting your results. We’ve sifted through it all to put together this list of the most common men’s exercise myths. Read on as MenScience helps separate the facts from the fiction.

The Most Common Men’s Workout Myths

Exercise Myth #1 – No pain, no gain: A little soreness after a workout is perfectly normal, but a lot isn’t. If you have trouble doing everyday tasks because you’re sore from a workout, you may have over-trained and need to take a break. For faster workout recovery, consider a post-workout supplement for men. A men’s post-workout supplement contains carbs, proteins and other nutrients that can help shorten recovery times and reduce muscle soreness.

Exercise Myth #2 – You can spot reduce fat: You cannot – no ifs, ands or buts. If you have flabby arms, all the bicep curls in the world won’t help reduce fat in that area. All you can do is reduce overall fat by following a calorie-controlled diet, working out consistently and taking the right men’s nutritional supplements. Eventually, that flab on your arms will disappear and be replaced by lean muscle – all you need is patience. If you want to speed up fat loss, though, you may want to consider a men’s thermogenic formula that can boost your metabolism to burn more calories faster. “What is a Men’s Thermogenic Formula?” has more details on this men’s fat burner.

Exercise Myth #3 – Gym workouts are superior to home workouts: This really depends on your lifestyle. A gym may be a better option if you don’t have the budget to buy workout equipment, but home workouts may be better for those on a tight schedule. One advantage that home workouts have: proximity to the kitchen. This makes it easier for you to mix your favorite workout supplements like a men’s creatine supplement or a men’s whey protein powder.

Exercise Myth #4: If you’re not sweating, your workout sucks: Sweat is just your body’s way of cooling off – it’s not really a measure of workout intensity. Walking for an hour may not cause you to break much of a sweat, but you’re still burning calories and getting cardiovascular benefits. If you want a more intense workout, consider using a men’s pre-workout supplement and a men’s creatine supplement. Both of these men’s sports nutrition supplements can help you push yourself harder so you can achieve noticeable gains faster.

Exercise Myth #5 – The number on the scale represents your body fat: A regular scale cannot determine how much body fat you have – you need something more advanced like body fat calipers to figure out your body fat percentage. You could be overweight for your height according to a men’s BMI calculator, but that doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy; the extra weight could be due to muscle mass and NOT fat, so don’t just use a scale to track your progress.