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Cuticle Care for Men: 7 Tips


Anyone can develop problems with their nails – and that includes us guys. If you don’t take proper care of your cuticles, you could end up in a world of pain. Never fear: MenScience is here to help you out again. The following hand care tips can help you keep your nails and cuticles healthy-looking.

1. Use the right tools. Don’t bite your nails or use just any pair of scissors to trim your nails. What you need is a nail clipper or a pair of nail scissors to do the job. Using the right nail tools helps reduce the risk of problems like hangnails and cuts. Because the skin is so thin and sensitive around your nails, you want to do everything in your power to avoid a painful situation.

2. Don’t let your cuticles dry out. Dried out cuticles is a big cause of hangnails. By moisturizing your hands regularly with a men’s body lotion or men’s hand lotion, you can keep your hands and nails hydrated and strong. Moisturizing can also ward off aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines, so make sure you’re applying a lotion at least once daily.

3. Let your cuticles be. It can be tempting to pick away at your cuticles, but don’t do it – that skin is there for a reason. If the buildup becomes significant, use a men’s cuticle tool like a cuticle remover or cuticle pusher to push back the skin – gently. Only do this after bathing – the skin is a lot softer and easier to work with after getting out of the shower.

4. Wash your hands with a men’s body cleanser. Nobody likes dirty nails. Dirt and other buildup can give your hands an unkempt look and lead to skin problems and infections if you’re unlucky. Regular use of a men’s body cleanser on your hands also helps revitalize skin, making it appear younger and healthier.

5. Don’t cut your nails too short. Cutting your nails too short is a no-no. First of all, cutting them too short can become extremely painful. Secondly, trimming them excessively short can increase your risk of hangnails. Just cut them enough to look presentable and you should be OK.

6. Protect your cuticles from the elements. You have no control over the weather, so make sure your hands are well-suited to handle harsh weather conditions. Slather on some men’s SPF 30 sunblock if you plan to hit the beach or be outdoors for a while. Similarly, bundle up if the weather is cold and windy. If the proper care, you can avoid weather-related cuticle problems.

7. See a doctor. If you continue to experience cuticle problems or if your nails start to develop a green or yellow color, seek professional help. A dermatologist can help assess the different factors affecting your nails and prescribe the appropriate treatment.