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Make Your Workouts Fun


One of the biggest gripes that men have about exercise is that it’s boring. When we think of working out, we usually think of spending hours in the gym on the treadmill or on the weight machines. Although these exercises are effective, they can get boring after a while. To help keep your workouts fresh, take them outside or to a completely new setting. The change of scenery might be just what you need to stay motivated and reach your peak fitness levels. Here are some fun activities to check out:


One of the most obvious forms of outdoor enjoyment is hiking. There’s something about walking out on the side of a mountain or through a group of hills that’s peaceful and awe-inspiring. There’s always a new trail to try, so it’s an adventure each time. Just remember to stay hydrated: Take a pre-workout supplement for men prior to your hike and take some packets with you for the hike – the energy it provides will get you through the toughest of trails.


Although it’s usually associated with grade school P.E. classes, kickball is also enjoyed by many adults. The World Adult Kickball Association – yes, this is a legitimate organization – has leagues across the country that you can join to become more active and meet new people. If you’re young at heart, this may be just what you need to get off the couch.

Rock Climbing

We’re not talking about scaling Mt. Everest – leave that to the pros. You can find indoor rock climbing gyms in many cities so check to see if there’s one in your area. Rock climbing is a fun way to build muscle because it requires a lot of upper body power. Combine this exercise with a men’s creatine supplement and you’ll definitely gain some significant size.

Ice Skating

It’s not just limited to winter – indoor skate rinks make this fun activity a year-round thing. Rent some skates – or buy some – and hit the ice to burn some calories. Whether you’re skating alone, with a partner or a group, this is a fun way to get active and start losing weight. Remember to take a post-workout supplement for men when you’re done – skating can really take a toll on your legs, so you need the right fuel to recover properly.

Paleo Workouts

Paleo diets and exercises are all the rage right now. Paleo stresses the lifestyle of our hunter/gatherer ancestors – you basically eat and work out like a caveman. Strength-building exercises – not cardio – is the main focus of paleo workout regimens. Get in touch with your inner caveman by using tires, trees, rocks, medicine balls and other tools to take your workout to the extreme.