Healthy Office Snacks for Men


When you’re at work and hunger strikes, what do you reach for? If you’re constantly chowing down on the breakroom donuts, it’s time to pick something a little healthier. Here are some snacks to keep at your desk that won’t widen your waistline:


Almonds are one of the healthiest snacks you can grab for when you’re feeling hungry. They are easy to eat, don’t require any preparation, and are guilt-free. They are loaded with proteins and good fats that will fill you up without filling you out. Don’t eat more than a handful or two, though. Their high fat content means that they are also high in calories. “Muscle-Building Foods for Men” lists other protein-rich foods to consider.

Whey Protein Shake

If you are working to build muscle and reduce fat, whey protein is essential. Although foods such as milk contain whey protein, only an advanced whey protein powder like MenScience Whey Formula contains the amino acids and three types of whey your body needs for maximum muscle growth. To find out how else a men’s whey protein shake can help you, check out “Benefits of a Whey Protein Powder for Men.”

Fruits and Vegetables

If you have access to a refrigerator at work, take a container of cut up fruits or vegetables to work. Since they are mostly water, they are low in calories and can fill you fast. Also, because people often confuse hunger with thirst, you might find that just a tiny bit of fruit is enough to satisfy your needs.

Cereal and Granola

There are dozens of cereals and granolas on the market that are targeted towards those trying to lose weight. These are great in the morning for breakfast, but they are also an easy-to-eat food at the office. Mix in granola with some yogurt or sprinkle some granola on your cereal.


Although they are not the most healthy snack out there, sometimes you need something to satisfy that crunchy and salty taste. Pretzels have much less fat than other crunchy snacks and are often more filling. Just make sure that you pay attention to how many you are eating – it’s easy to eat one too many. If possible, buy them in pre-packaged portions such as 100-calorie packs.