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Power Up: Easy Ways to Build Strength


Building muscle and building strength go hand in hand. Many of the methods used to pack on muscle are also effective in building your overall strength. To become the strongest guy at the gym, follow these men’s nutrition and fitness tips that will build your strength and improve your fitness.

Build Strength: 6 Tips

1. Grab some dumbbells. For building strength, few types of exercises can beat weightlifting. Hit the weights and/or machines to start building strength. When it comes to lifting weights, you want to aim for low repetitions and heavy weights. Use weights that you can only lift for 6-8 repetitions; more repetitions than that will help your muscular endurance rather than your muscular strength. If you want an extra boost during your workouts, consider a men’s creatine monohydrate supplementand a men’s muscle builder formula. A men’s creatine monohydrate supplement can help boost muscle strength so that you can lift heavier weights more easily while a men’s muscle builder will help you pack on muscle mass.

2. Eat enough protein. Chances are you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet. Protein is critical to building muscle and strength, and there are many ways you can boost your protein intake if you aren’t already getting enough. Eating high-protein foods such as lean chicken breast, salmon, nuts and a men’s whey protein powder are just a few great protein sources you should consider.

3. Get more rest. Spending hours at the gym in hopes of seeing results faster is a common men’s workout mistake. The truth of the matter is that overtraining won’t do anything except significantly increase your risk of injury, which can set back your progress by weeks or even months.  Space out your workouts by at least 24 hours and make sure you’re taking a men’s post-workout supplement. A men’s post-workout supplement can help shorten your recovery time and reduce muscle soreness after a workout.

4. Challenge yourself. If you’ve been doing the same fitness regimen for the past few months, it’s high time you switch things up. You’re never going to build strength if you continue following the same fitness plan day in and day out. In order to gain strength and see progress, you need to continuously challenge your body. Increase your weights in 5-pound increments every few weeks or change the order of your workouts; these are two simple changes that can help you break a fitness plateau and gain more strength. You may also want to consider a men’s CLA supplement and men’s anabolic supplement to maximize muscle gains as well.

5.  Stay positive. If you’re just beginning a strength-training program, you’ll probably start seeing results rather quickly. As you continue to progress, however, strength gains slow down since your body begins to adapt more efficiently to the stresses of strength training. This slowdown can be discouraging, but rest assured that you’re still gaining strength – just not as fast. If you want to speed up your results, the right men’s sports nutritional supplements can give you that extra boost. A men’s pre-workout supplement, in particular, can help increase your energy, focus and alertness for better workout performance.

6. Cross train. It’s easy to focus on the “glamour” muscles like your arms and abs. Don’t limit yourself, though. Do a variety of exercises to incorporate all the muscle groups. That way, you won’t end up with huge arms but skinny legs.