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Banish Razor Burn


Everyone at some point has to deal with razor burn. The redness that results from shaving can lead to pain and ingrown hairs, so it’s important to prevent the issue and manage it quickly if it occurs. Luckily, there are some very simple ways to get razor burn under control. Whether razor burn affects your neck, face or any other part of your body, these methods will solve the problem in no time.

Shave During or Immediately After Showering

Many people, especially men, take the time to shave before getting into the shower. This can actually increase the likelihood of developing razor burn. The warm water associated with showers will actually soften your hair. This in turn will make razors glide more easily over your skin. Shaving softened hair is much less likely to cause razor bumps than shaving your hair when it is at its full prickliness.

Use Advanced Shaving Products for Men

If you have already developed razor burn, then it is important to soothe your skin so that you can shave properly. Once razor bumps form it is much more difficult, and often painful, to shave in the same area. For a close shave without irritation, use MenScience Advanced Shave Formula. This specially designed shaving cream contains soothing ingredients like allantoin to keep irritation at bay and provide you with the closest shave possible. Make sure you follow up with Post-Shave Repair to help ease irritation and reduce razor burn.

Opt for Sharp Razors

Everyone is tempted to use their razors until they can no longer get the job done, but this can actually contribute to razor burn. The duller a razor becomes, the more likely a person will develop a rash or bumps after using it. Razors don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive on the market nor do they need to have 5+ blades. A razor with three blades should provide the closest shave you can get without irritating your skin.

Don’t Go Against the Grain

This may seem counterintuitive. Shaving against the grain will always remove more hair and usually leave a person’s skin feeling soft and smooth. If you have a problem with razor burn, however, then going against the grain is likely to lead to the condition. You don’t have to give up smoothness just because you shave with the grain. Just add some additional shaving cream and go over the area again.

See a Dermatologist

There are times when razor burn can become severe. This can cause extreme pain and the complete inability to shave an area. If this is the case then you should seek medical attention. A dermatologist may be able to detect any allergies or other factors that could be contributing to your severe razor burn. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to something as delicate as your skin.