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How to Prevent Itchy Skin in Men


Having itchy skin can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. While there are many reasons you may develop itchy skin, one of the most common causes is dryness. When your skin lacks moisture, it can become irritated, flaky and – of course – itchy. To help you keep your skin hydrated, we’ve put together this list of tips for itchy skin prevention.

1. Don’t lose moisture after a shower. Apply a men’s body lotion immediately after a shower to lock in moisture; this is one of the best times to apply lotion for maximum benefits because your pores are at their most receptive. Regular moisturizing with a men’s face lotion and men’s body lotion helps maintain skin’s natural moisture. Make sure your men’s moisturizers contain advanced ingredients like allantoin and hyaluronic acid; the former helps soothe skin while the latter helps increase skin’s elastic and firmness.

2. Use a gentle liquid cleanser. Mass-market soaps can cause dry skin; many men’s soaps contain fragrances and other irritants that can damage your skin. You’re better off with a men’s body wash that can get rid of dirt and other debris while keeping your skin hydrated.  In addition to a men’s body wash, you should consider a men’s body scrub. A men’s body scrub contains exfoliating particles that deep clean and leave your skin refreshed and soft.

3. Drink enough water. If you’re not drinking enough water, it’s going to reflect in your skin’s appearance. Not being properly hydrated can cause your skin to dry out, increasing your risk of itchy skin. Aim for about 11 glasses of water a day – that’s what most experts suggest these days.  It may seem like a lot of water at first, but it’s really not – juicy fruits and vegetables like watermelon can count toward that intake goal as can supplements like a men’s pre-workout supplement and men’s post-workout supplement.

4. Limit hot water use. When showering, don’t turn the water on hot enough to burn. Although it may feel great, hot water is not good for your skin. Instead, bathe in warm water. In addition, don’t shower for too long. Keep it shorter and warmer, while trying to pat the skin dry with a towel. Too much heated water will make the skin drier and itchier. While it might not be fun to have a cooler shower, you’ll feel more comfortable throughout the day.

5. Use a men’s body powder. A men’s body powder with advanced ingredients like zinc oxide, kaolin and cornstarch can help manage itching due to chafing and friction. These advanced ingredients soothe skin and absorb moisture to keep your skin refreshed and soft.