Anti Aging Skin Care

No More Liver Spots


Liver spots are a common sight on men who spend a lot of times outdoors. And as we get older, liver spots start to show up more frequently on men’s skin. These dark spots can make men’s skin look and feel older, adding years to our appearance. Never fear: MenScience has put together this list of men’s skincare tips to help reduce the appearance of existing liver spots and prevent new liver spots from forming. Try these men’s skincare tips to stop hyper pigmentation and start looking years younger:

1. Protect your skin. Because sun exposure is a leading cause of liver spots and hyper pigmentation, it’s crucial that you use the most advanced men’s sun protection to keep your skin healthy. A broad spectrum SPF 30 sunblock for mencan help block the UVA rays and UVB rays that can prematurely age men’s skin and cause liver spots and other men’s skin problems.  “Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage” has more tips on reducing sun-related skin damage in men.

2. Stick to proven ingredients. If there’s one ingredient that can eliminate liver spots and hyper pigmentation, it’s retinol. Studies suggest that this powerful anti-aging ingredient is one of the most effective men’s skincare treatments for liver spots and hyper pigmentation. A men’s liver spot cream like Pigmentation Repair Formula contains pharmaceutical-grade retinol for the best men’s skincare results. A men’s liver spot cream not only helps get rid of darkened cells but also helps balance skin tone for younger-looking skin. “The Ultimate Men’s Anti-Aging Guide” offers more men’s skincare tips and men’s anti-aging tips for better skin health.

3. Scrub your skin. men’s face scrub and men’s body scrub help remove dead skin cells and diminish the appearance of dark spots by encouraging new skin cell growth. Regular exfoliation with these men’s skincare products can rejuvenate dull-looking skin and help improve the absorption of retinol for visible results. “Men’s Face Wash vs. Men’s Face Scrub: What to Use?” explains the difference between these two popular men’s skincare products.

4. Avoid frequent tanning. Like we mentioned earlier, sun exposure can age your skin and cause dark spots and hyper pigmentation – as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Instead of tanning and exposing your skin to potential sun damage, consider using a men’s self-tanner like MenScience Facial Tone Enhancer. This tinted moisturizer can help add color to pale complexions while also keeping your skin sufficiently hydrated. “Men’s Moisturizer Tips” has more men’s skincare tips to help you avoid dry skin.

5. Limit outdoor activities. During days when the sun is out at full force, you may want to consider working out indoors instead of braving the heat. The less your skin is exposed to the sun, the less your chances of developing liver spots and hyper pigmentation. Taking your workout indoors also provides a change of scenery to keep your workout interesting and your motivation high. Regardless of whether you work out outside or inside, remember to take your men’s sports nutrition supplements for maximum results. Check out MenScience Boot Camp for a comprehensive approach to not only keeping your skin healthy, but your entire body as well.