Anti Aging Skin Care

Lose the Eye Baggage


After a long night out, it’s likely you’ve woken up with some undereye bags. This extra baggage under your eyes can make you look years older as well as give you a worn-out appearance. Undereye bags are one of the most noticeable aging signs, so you need to take extra precautions to prevent and manage bags under eyes. But first, let’s take a quick look at their causes.

What Causes Undereye Bags in Men?

Some undereye bag causes are under your control and others aren’t. One of the most common causes of men’s undereye bags is fatigue. Whether you’re staying up late watching talk shows or just can’t get to sleep, you’re increasing your risk of developing undereye bags. Other factors like genetics and your age are out of your control, but a healthy lifestyle along with an effective men’s skincare regimen can help better manage undereye bags in men. Here are some tips to try to get rid of undereye bags in men.

Men’s Undereye Bag Prevention and Treatment

1. Hit the sack earlier. Shut off the television and go to sleep earlier than usual to prevent men’s undereye bags. If you can’t bear to miss your favorite shows, record them for later viewing – your sleep is more important since your body needs time to repair. Avoid caffeine within four hours of bedtime to prevent staying up tossing and turning.

2. Apply an eye cream for men. A men’s eye cream like MenScience Eye Rescue Formula contains advanced skincare ingredients that help increase skin’s firmness. This increased firmness helps ward off undereye bags as well as other eye area issues like dark circles and eye puffiness. For the best results, use amen’s eye cream right before bed.

3. Limit sun exposure. Being out in the sun too much can not only lead to sunburn but also premature aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines – not to mention undereye bags. If you plan on being outside for an extended period of time, make sure you’re using a sunblock with SPF 30 to protect from sun damage.

4. Improve your diet. Sometimes, undereye bags can be a result of a bad diet. A lack of certain nutrients can contribute to aging signs like undereye bags in men. Take a men’s multivitamin supplement and a men’s antioxidant supplement to help protect against free radical damage. You can also infuse your skin with vitamin E and other skin-friendly nutrients by using a men’s anti aging formula.

5. Use an eye mask for men. Temperature manipulation around the eye area may help stop the development of undereye bags in men. A men’s eye mask that can be used either hot or cold is one of your best defenses against undereye bags and eye puffiness in men; a men’s eye mask helps firm and improve the appearance of sagging skin.

6. Make sure your anti-aging products contain retinol. Like we mentioned earlier, age is a big factor in the development of men’s undereye bags. In order to slow down Father Time, you need the best men’s anti aging ingredients at your disposal. Retinol, which is found in MenScience anti-aging products, has been shown time and time again to be one of the most effective anti aging skincare treatments currently available. Apply retinol skincare products regularly to finally say goodbye to men’s undereye bags.