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10 Tips for Men With Sensitive Skin


Men with sensitive skin have to take extra precautions when it comes to their skincare routines. Sensitive skin is more prone to irritation than other skin types, so using the right products is of the utmost important. Follow these men’s skincare tips for sensitive skin to keep your skin healthy and prevent skin problems.

1. Read men’s skincare product labels. Whether we’re talking about product labels or food labels, chances are you don’t pay them much mind. If you have sensitive skin, however, it’s crucial to look at the ingredients list. This can reveal if there’s any alcohol, dyes or fragrances that could sabotage your skin. Choose men’s skincare products like MenScience Androceuticals that are free of these ingredients.

2. Don’t overuse men’s skincare products. We all want fast results, but using your men’s skincare products more than directed can do more harm than good. For example, if you have sensitive skin, don’t use face scrubs and body scrubsdaily – only 3-4 times a week. More than that can result in redness, irritation and other annoying problems.

3. Avoid products that have too much foam. Lather may look cool when you’re shaving or cleaning your face, but it can actually dry out your skin. Why? The ingredients used to create lather are usually detergents and other irritants that remove essential oils from your skin. If you have sensitive skin, stick to products with lower foam content like a men’s shaving gel for best results.

4. Dry with gentle towels and don’t rub. Drying your skin with rough towels is like drying yourself with sandpaper – needless to say, it doesn’t feel good. Stick to soft, cotton towels and pat dry – no rubbing – to avoid irritation.

5. Limit sun exposure. Sensitive skin is already prone to dryness, so sun exposure can make matters worse. Always wear an SPF 30 sunscreen to protect from UVA/UVB rays and consider using a lip balm for men if you have sensitive lips.

6. Apply a gentle men’s aftershave for sensitive skin. After shaving, your skin is extremely sensitive. To minimize razor burn and other shaving-related problems, use a men’s aftershave with soothing ingredients like witch hazel and aloe to calm your skin down. This also decreases the chances of developing ingrown hairs.

7. Don’t use too much hot water. Taking hot showers can contribute to dry skin and flakiness. Lukewarm or cool water is a better choice for protecting your skin from unnecessary irritation.

8. Use a fragrance-free, alcohol-free deodorant. Many commercial deodorants contain alcohol and aluminum, two ingredients that may wreak havoc on men’s skin. A men’s alcohol-free unscented deodorant is your best bet for odor protection if you have sensitive skin.

9. Don’t neglect your scalp. It’s easy to overlook your head when thinking about skin care. Using gentle men’s hair products like men’s shampooshair gels andhair pomades can protect your scalp from dandruff and acne.

10. Do a skin test. If you’re unsure about a product, test it on a part of your skin that isn’t in plain view. That way, you can note the reaction and determine whether or not this product will damage your skin.