Anti Aging

The Ultimate Men’s Anti-Aging Guide


We’re obsessed with youth. You always see the best-looking models grace the covers of fitness and health magazines, and it seems every other week you hear about a “revolutionary” product that turns back time. Here at MenScience, we know there’s no miracle drug that can literally make you young again, but there are certain habits you can adopt that can keep you looking great for years to come. Here’s everything you need to maintain a youthful appearance:

Men’s Skin Care & Grooming

A laugh line or two is perfectly normal, but if you’re concerned about their appearance, here are some anti-aging tips to help you reduce the signs of aging:

– Develop a daily skincare routine. Need help getting started? Consider trying one of the MenScience kits, which contain products for your specific needs.

– Make sure your men’s face cleanser doesn’t contain alcohol or any irritating ingredients that can contribute to dry skin, redness and itchiness.-

– Use a non-greasy moisturizer to hydrate your skin without clogging pores and causing acne breakouts. Also, use an anti-aging cream with retinol to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

– Exfoliate 2-3 times a week to give your skin a deep clean by removing oil and other clog-poring substances. You can use a men’s face scrub and men’s body scrub to exfoliate at home.

– Don’t neglect your eyes. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive, so use a men’s skincare product designed exclusively for eye-area problems. These will provide the nutrients needed to get rid of dark circles and undereye bags.

– Use an SPF 30 sunblock if you plan on being outside for an extended period of time. Look for one that offers both UVA and UVB protection.

Good Nutrition & Hydration

A healthy diet goes a long way when it comes to looking good and feeling great. These nutrition suggestions won’t turn back time but they will slow it down.

– Keep a regular eating schedule. Eating at the same time every day helps you avoid excessive snacking and other issues that come with an erratic eating schedule.

– Load up on fiber. The average American isn’t getting enough. Fiber can help lower cholesterol, keep you full longer as well as keep you regular. Opt for whole grains, nuts and beans.

– Nutrients called antioxidants have been shown to fight off free radicals, one of the main culprits for aging signs. Eat more fruits and veggies, and don’t forget to take an antioxidant supplement.

– Drink lots of water. Experts suggest eight glasses daily, but you may need more if you’re really active.

Healthy Sleep


Sleep plays a huge role in anti aging. It’s the time when your body repairs itself. Make the most of it with these tips:

– Try to go to sleep earlier. Sleep deprivation has been linked to decreased energy, headaches and an increased risk for certain health issues.

– Always to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep.

– Can’t sleep? Keep distractions like your phone out of sight. The bright lights from the screen can trick your brain into keeping you up later.

Regular Exercise

– Cardio has been shown to improve both heart health and lung health. It’s also important for weight loss and management. Try to do cardio 3-5 times weekly for at least half an hour.

– Weight training is crucial because it boosts muscle growth and promotes strong bones, which can lower the risk of joint issues later. Try to lift weights for a half hour three times weekly.

– Consider complementing your healthy diet and workout plan with Thermogenic Formula and Advanced CLA Supplement Formula to help burn fat and build muscle faster.

Stress Reduction

In addition to raising your blood pressure and hindering the body’s natural healing process, stress causes your skin to age. Over time, repetitive muscle contractions cause expression lines to form; they don’t call them ‘frown lines’ for nothing!  Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce stress every day.

– Exercise! Studies show that exercise promotes a greater release of endorphins into your body’s system which, in turn, promotes a more positive feeling. Exercise can also relieve tension and take your mind off of daily stresses.

– Engage in meditation or yoga. The simple act of focused breathing forces you to concentrate on one thing (your breath), allowing you to relax as you breathe deeply and slowly. The next time you’re stressed, take a minute or two to concentrate on breathing slowly and evenly- we assure you – you’ll feel better.

– Take a few minutes out of every day to do something by yourself. Even a walk around your office building on a lunch break or a few minutes listening to music can do wonders to relieve stress levels.

All the Rest of It

Live a full life. Ha! Easier said than done, right? Keeping a positive outlook on your health and maintaining strong relationships can help you stay alert, upbeat and focused into your golden years. Start now to reap the benefits later on.

– Get check-ups regularly. As the years go by, it becomes more and more important to sign up for regular physicals, dental appointments and exams for your eyes, prostate, cholesterol and blood pressure. Catching something early could mean the difference between life and death.

– Don’t smoke. Yeah, it goes without saying, but not only does smoking damage your heart and lungs, it contributed to wrinkles, skin discoloration and bad breath.  Worse still, it’s a major financial drain.

– Have a healthy sex life. Because of declining levels of testosterone over a lifetime, many men mistakenly think they have to give up sex at a certain age. But studies have shown that more and more men are enjoying sexual relationships at an older age. New health benefits of sex are being revealed all the time, including its ability to burn calories and relieve depression (hey, do you really need more reasons?).