Why Crash Diets Fail: 3 Reasons


Crash diets are often seen as a quick, easy way to lose weight. Ironically, crash diets are called such because eventually you DO crash and burn on them. Typically, you will drop the pounds at first, but it’s highly unlikely that you would be able to maintain the loss — or even reach your ultimate goal for that matter. Listed below are the main reasons crash diets don’t work. But first, it’s important to know how to identify a crash diet.

Crash diets generally rely on a drastic reduction in calories, little or no fat intake and food supplements that may be unhealthy for you. They are also defined by eating just one food item, such as the grapefruit diet (which will be explained below). Any diet that touts little or no exercise is also a clear give-away to a crash diet. Now that you have a better idea of what a fad diet is, here’s why you should avoid them:

They Cannot Be Sustained

Crash diets don’t work because they are unsustainable. For example, let’s look at the grapefruit diet. How long do you suppose you can function while eating just one food item? Your body needs a variety of nutrients to maintain optimum health – not just those vitamins found in grapefruits. Once you decide to quit the diet, you will most likely revert right back to whatever poor eating habits caused your weight gain in the first place. “7 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight” lists other bad habits to avoid.

They Slow Your Metabolism Significantly

Crash diets calling for unhealthy calorie levels can cause your body to go into what’s known as starvation mode. Metabolism, by definition, is the amount of calories needed for your body to properly function. This includes do-nothing activities such as sleeping as well as bodily functions such as digestion. To compensate for a lack of food, your body lowers your metabolism. In turn, you burn less calories and gain weight more easily. “How to Boost Your Metabolism” explains how you can kick-start your metabolism for faster fat loss.

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They Encourage Unhealthy Behaviors

Another reason these drastic diets don’t work on a long-term basis is because they encourage other harmful behaviors. Many crash diets suggest things like over exercising and skipping meals, neither one of which is healthy behavior. Crash diets also force you to lose weight much too quickly, which can lead to health problems and even skin problems like loose skin and stretch marks.

As cliché as it may sound and as much as we don’t like to hear it, the only healthy way to lose weight is to eat the right foods. Alongside a balanced diet is the other method you don’t want to hear about. Yes, that’s right – exercise! These two things alone is the only way to healthy weight loss. It also helps to take the right supplements, too. Dietary supplements like a men’s multivitamin and workout supplements like creatine and whey can all help you lose weight – the healthy way!