Why Take Whey Protein: 5 Benefits


You’ve probably heard of whey protein – it’s one of the most popular sports nutrition supplements on the market. But while you may have heard of it, its benefits aren’t very clear-cut. To help you better understand this men’s nutritional supplement and its effects, we’ve put together this list of the five reasons you should consider taking a premium men’s whey protein powder like MenScience Whey Formula Advanced Protein Complex:

1. More Muscle Mass: – Protein is needed for muscle growth – plain and simple. Without enough protein, your body won’t gain new muscle mass let alone maintain existing muscle. A whey protein powder like MenScience Whey Formula helps boost your body’s stores of protein to help support muscle-building processes that can help you pack on significant mass. Use it along with a men’s triple creatine matrix supplement and men’s anabolic supplement for maximum muscle growth. “The Benefits of Protein for Men” explains how supplementing your diet with protein can benefit your health.

2. Less Body Fat: While whey protein is typically associated with building muscle, it can also be an effective weight-loss supplement when combined with a sensible diet. Research suggests that protein-enriched diets are effective for not only losing weight but also keeping it off.  The high protein content of a men’s whey protein shake makes for a very filling snack, and its low calorie content helps keep your calorie consumption under control for faster weight loss. “8 Calorie-Cutting Tips for Men” has more advice on managing your calorie intake.

3. Faster Absorption: Whey protein is one of the fastest-digesting proteins you can find. Other popular forms of protein like soy and casein can’t compare to the fast-acting effects of whey protein. Whey Formula takes fast absorption a step further by using whey isolate and whey hydrolysate instead of the more common whey concentrate. Whey isolates and hydrolysates have undergone special processing to eliminate unnecessary fat and nutrients, resulting in a more pure protein source. Consequently, this allows for better uptake by your body. For more on the different types of whey, check out “What is a Men’s Whey Protein Supplement?

4. Better Recovery: After a workout, you should have a post-workout recovery formula for men to quickly kickstart muscle-rebuilding processes, reduce muscle soreness and recharge energy levels; the mixture of carbs, protein and other nutrients helps ensure fast absorption by the body.  But recovery isn’t just a post-exercise thing – it’s an all-day affair. Daily consumption of a men’s whey protein shake can help further accelerate recovery processes so that you can get back into the gym faster. This is due in part to the branched-chain amino acids in Whey Formula. The three BCAAs – leucine, isoleucine and valine — are critical to protein synthesis and muscular development. For more muscle-building information, check out “10 Quick Tips to Build Muscle.

5. Convenience: For a quick protein boost, few things are more convenient than a men’s whey protein shake.  You can take a whey protein powder for men with you anywhere – work, the gym, a business trip, etc. Instead of having to throw a steak on the grill or cook some eggs to increase your protein intake, you can mix and drink a protein shake in a matter of minutes for a quick protein alternative. You can even make a meal out of it – throw in some fruit or other mix-ins to make a thicker shake.