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5 Dandruff Solutions for Men: Get Rid of Flakes


Dandruff is a common hair problem in men that can get out of control fast. If you constantly have to brush your shoulders off because of those annoying dandruff flakes, it’s time to look for the best dandruff solutions.

Here’s a quick overview of what exactly those scalp flakes are and which dandruff solutions for men are at your disposal.

Dandruff is simply an accumulation of dead skin cells. We’re constantly shedding skin cells throughout the day. For most of us, these dead skin cells are too small for the human eye to notice.

It’s when your scalp gets irritated that dandruff flakes become a visible problem. Scalp irritation caused by fungus and other factors can lead to an accelerated rate of shedding, which creates the cell buildup that results in scalp flakes, itchiness and redness.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to manage men’s dandruff flakes and restore your hair’s health.

Follow these tips to reduce scalp irritation and get rid of men’s dandruff.

1. Use a men’s dandruff shampoo with salicylic acid.
Salicylic acid is effective in breaking up cell buildup on the scalp, so that it washes away easily.

You need an anti dandruff shampoo for men that contains salicylic acid along with other skin-soothing ingredients like vitamin E to help reduce irritation and renew skin.

2. Avoid using men’s hair products excessively.
More is not better when it comes to men’s hair care. Using too much of a men’s hair styling gel or a men’s hair pomade can irritate skin and contribute to dandruff, especially if the hair product contains alcohol.

MenScience hair products like Hair Styling Pomade and Hair Styling Gel do not contain alcohol, so they won’t dry out your scalp like other men’s hair products.

3. Wash your hair regularly.
Washing your hair should be a daily habit if it isn’t already. Daily washing can keep buildup to a minimum, reducing the odds of dandruff flakes making their appearance.

This healthy hair habit also helps restore the luster of your hair and improves its overall health.

4. Consume more good fats.
Some research suggests that dandruff may be caused by an omega-3 fatty acids deficiency. Good sources of omega-3 include fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

If you’re not a fish fan or are looking for a more convenient source, consider an omega-3 supplement for men like Omega-3 Supplement Formula, which contains pharmaceutical-grade omega 3 fatty acids molecularly distilled from fish oil and marine lipids.

5. Chill out.
It’s common knowledge that stress contributes to a number of men’s health issues. Well, you can add scalp flakes to the list.

Too much stress has been linked to dandruff flakes, so it’s important to keep it under control.

Whatever the source of your stress – family, work, or otherwise – there are actions you can take to combat it, such as taking a vacation, doing some yoga or just hitting the sack earlier.