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How to Stop Shaving Cuts


Shaving cuts and nicks are probably the most annoying shaving problem that men face after ingrown hairs. The pain and blood associated with shaving cuts is enough to make some of us men swear off shaving and grow a beard. But don’t fret: We’ve put together this list of men’s grooming tips to help you prevent shaving cuts and get a closer shave.

How to Stop Shaving Cuts in Men

1. Exfoliate before shaving. Not preparing your skin before shaving is one of the most common causes of shaving cuts. Before shaving, make sure you use a men’s face scrub to get rid of dull buildup and make your follicles plumper. As a result, you’ll get a closer shave and reduce your risk of developing shaving cuts and nicks.

2. Use a high-quality men’s shaving formula. shaving cream specifically designed for men’s skin helps reduce irritation and shaving cuts by providing a thick, lubricating layer to protect your skin. MenScience Advanced Shave Formula contains skin-soothing ingredients like glycerin and aloe to leave your skin fresh and free of any shaving nicks. Unlike most mass-market shaving creams, this premium shaving formula doesn’t contain alcohol or other irritants that can contribute to shaving problems like razor burn and ingrown hairs. “5 Tips for the Perfect Shave” has more tips on getting a close, irritation-free shave.

3. Try a different kind of razor. If your “cutting-edge” razor is too irritating to your skin, consider going back to basics with a 2 or 3-blade razor or safety razor, both of which are less likely to cause shaving cuts. While they may not provide as close of a shave as a 5-blade razor, they may be more skin-friendly. Regardless of which razor you decide on, always be sure to follow up with an aftershave balm for men to condition and freshen up your skin.

4. Stop the bleeding with a men’s lip balm. Most of us men use lip balms to protect our lips from weather conditions, but a lip balm can also help soothe shaving cuts around the lips. A lip balm helps condition skin, thus slowing down and stopping the bleeding. This is a much better solution than leaving a small piece tissue paper on a cut; the wound will reopen once you rip the tissue off the injury, leaving behind a bloody mess.

5. Apply an alcohol-free men’s aftershave. Immediately after shaving, your skin is extremely sensitive. To reduce irritation and promote healing, make sure you apply a premium aftershave like MenScience Post-Shave Repair, which doesn’t contain alcohol; alcohol can sting when applied to shaving cuts and nicks. With the right men’s shaving products in your arsenal, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of shaving cuts and achieve a perfect shave each time.